Line Mortensen is a Danish contemporary mosaic artist based in North Berwick, Scotland. Her Scandinavian heritage and architectural background shines through in all her work which is best described as imaginative, detailed, textured and mostly abstract.

Line has a MSc in Landscape Architecture and maths and geometry play a large part in the preparation and composition of both her decorative wall pieces and sculptural objects.

Influencing Line’s work is her appreciation and skilful understanding of materials and their potential as creative components. Her choice of materials is based on colours and textures and she prefers working with durable materials such as slate, sea glass, semiprecious stones, glass tiles, French ceramic tiles and Italian Smalti.

Line’s work often combines mosaic and stoneware as well as stoneware and fused glass but no matter the medium, she invests considerable time and effort in both the preparation and realisation of her art work. Each of Line’s creations are unique and numbers limited due to the time involved.

Though her sources of inspiration are many and varied Line always seeks to inject elements of emotion and contemplation into her work, challenging the viewer to create their own vision on the back of hers and thereby gain a personal and long-lasting connection with the artwork.

Line has exhibited work in UK, France and US but sells most of her work within the UK.