Jewellery by Line Mortensen

I have an appreciation of quality materials and enjoy using these to make various kinds of jewellery pieces. On this website you will currently find 3 different categories of jewellery all designed by me.

The Thistle Collection is based on a sterling silver piece I designed inspired by the leaf of the Scottish national flower – the Thistle. This Collection is a simple and elegant and the oxidized silver enhances the appearance of the freshwater peals used and gives the Collection a truly contemporary look.

The sea glass jewellery is made using glass which I find locally on the beach. To bring out the colour of the sea glass the silver is oxidized and in alignment with the story behind the sea glass the designs are simple and “rough”. The sea glass jewellery pieces are all truly unique.

The mosaic jewellery is a range of jewellery where I use some of the same materials and techniques as in my other mosaic work such as glass and ceramic tiles and glass tiles with gold/silver leaf. The mosaic jewellery pieces are all unique, bold, eye-catching and stylish.