Multi Mosaics

Multi Mosaics Multi Mosaics Multi Mosaics Multi Mosaics Multi Mosaics
Multi-Mosaics by Line Mortensen.

I first came by the idea of making mini-mosaic playing around with scraps after finishing some larger mosaic pieces. This soon developed into Multi-Mosaics a flexible and contemporary mosaic concept which fits perfectly with my passion for textures and colours.

The Multi-Mosaics are made up of a number of mini-mosaics which are framed to make up a larger and unique 3D wall decoration. The mini-mosaics are made using as many as 6 different kinds of materials like; mixed glass tiles, Italian Smalti, French ceramic tiles, semiprecious stones, slate and Scottish sea glass. In the work process each mini-mosaic goes though my hands up to 10 times so although small they are each truly a unique piece of art. The Multi-Mosaic frames are custom made, solid wood with an anti-reflective glass cover, which presents the mosaic work in the best possible way.

I do sell the mini-mosaics individually at fairs and mixing and matching is great fun but stock levels do vary. Most of my mosaic work is sold though exhibitions and fairs so please visit the EVENT page to see where I will be showing my work or contact me directly on should you be interested in buying or commission a Multi-mosaic.

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